Hey, you’ve found me, so here’s a little bit about me!

I’m Natty, you know I’m a social media bod (assume that’s why you are here!), I have a few other strings to me bow though…I’m also a photographer (oh hello content!), but what else?

I worked in banking for 14 years as a Trainer, Coach and Operations Manager before retraining in 2019 in social media and then during 2020 in paid social (facebook and instagram ads).

My clients tell me nailing tone of voice comes naturally to me and I’m obsessive about getting to know their businesses….and I am, I need to be, so that I can help successfully promote to, target and connect with your customers, grow your audience and ultimately help you sell!

I offer a wide set of services, ranging from teaching you to run your own social and giving you tips and advice on optimisation, auditing your social media, creating your social strategy… right through to full management of your social media platforms and engagement with your target customers.

Ultimately I care deeply about the success of my clients, I eat, sleep, sweat over (not literally) my clients social media strategies and I think that is what sets me apart, whilst I’m quite literally dreaming about your social media content, you don’t have to.

Anyway, enough from me! Scroll to read what some of my clients have said about me then head over to the contact form and lets book time to chat.